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Keep Recruiting Release 1.0

We had fine tuned the search, tweaked a little more of import csv, fixed a lot of bugs and made it fit to be called as release 1.0. We had created a video in xtranormal that quickly highlights the important features. We are releasing version 1.0 on July 7th, 2011 with great excitement and hope that this would help recruitment a seamless process.


Keep Recruiting – The Beta Launch

Soon after the alpha launch, we worked to make Keep Recruiting more robust and implemented some vital features such as

  • Search
  • associate job vacancy
  • associate tag for vacancies and candidates

We adopted Keep Recruiting internally in Dharana and actually filled a vacancy using Keep Recruiting. We all put in a lot of tireless work and we are glad to have hit the milestone “Beta Launch”. I would like to attribute this work to our own team by mentioning their names here:

Software Craftsmen:

Deepak Prasanna, Syed Shikeb ur Rahman, Manivannan S, Ramachandran V, Dhiren Gupta

Creative Heads:

Shanthi S, Vagmi Mudumbai

Now please feel free to sign up for the beta version, evaluate the product free for 30 days and then take an informed decision. This is a simple pay as you use service where you can easily pay online once and set a recurring payment month on month. There are no contractual obligations and you can cancel at any point of time. So what are you waiting for, just go ahead explore Keep Recruiting.

Keep Recruiting – The Alpha Launch

Keep Recruiting is a simple to use recruitment tracking solution tailored for an organization. Some interesting features that you would like to check out:

  • You can post Job vacancies which can be tracked by multiple recruiters in your panel
  • Candidate who visits your website can apply online. Alternatively you can upload bulk candidates
  • You can send SMS and email notification of interview schedules to candidates and interview panel
  • You can schedule interviews to multiple candidates at the same time
  • You and your team can track interview decisions / comments
  • Bottlenecks of missing out candidates can be forgotten. Track with status.
  • No duplicate resumes. Even your ex-employee can reapply with the same login.

KeepRecruiting is created by Dharana Software Innovations Private Limited. Dharana is a technology startup based out of Chennai.

When we started recruiting we faced a lot of hassles in terms of the recruitment process having a lot of manual steps involved.  To mention a few it was so difficult to track the applicants. Sending out emails to applicants as followups and for scheduling interviews was taking too much of my time.  Sometimes, the interviewer will forget to take the interview and we will have to set external reminders to remind him. There reminders were an additional work. Sometimes the candidate or the interviewer due to communication gaps does not know the rescheduling or cancelling of an interview. Also it was difficult to keep track of decisions of the interviewer and his comments for a particular candidate. Sending bcc emails to candidates didn’t look professional.

Excel was getting messy and difficult to maintain beyond a point and I started researching for recruitment solutions. There wasn’t any that matched exactly my requirements. That is when we discovered it is an interesting solution to provide and would make the lives of the recruiters much easier. We as a team brainstormed on what features and how it can be done. Two months of effort gave birth to this initial release. This is just a first few set of features which we thought was absolutely required to get started with. We plan to have a lot more. If you feel there is some must want feature you would like to have, please feel free to request at Before that, please take time to evaluate and give your valuable feedback. Feel free to try as it is free for 30 days.

Then it is nominally charged and you pay as you use. There is no contract or strings attached. So what are you waiting for. Sign up now.